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I tried to make an appointment With Iron Mountain to see patient files needed for a clinical paper I was writing with a colleague in a different country. She was flying in to pull the files herself because she was the one who could read them and understand which were needed. I contacted Iron Mountain three weeks ahead of time and got no where with them in terms of getting an appointment. My colleague arrived, but we had no appointment still. I... Read more

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Only reason we had Iron Mountain as our storage is because they bought out our previous one. Iron mountain has outrageous rates now. Their customer service is in a different country and it is very hard to understand them. Their web site can get so confusing and all features are just useless. We decided to close account because of the difficulty on retrieving records and prices. After retrieving records they tried charging us a ridiculous amount... Read more

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I am in the middle of a very similar experience, but happily (the only happy part) on a much smaller scale. I'm a solo practice lawyer in Dallas. I've been trying to extricate 75 file boxes from them for over a month. In addition to the blatant ripoff "permanent retrieval" charge of $4/box for waving a scanner over the box, they have what I think is the worst customer service I've ever experienced from any vendor of any kind - including... Read more

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Its easy to send your stuff for storage but once you want to close your account, they make it so expensive that it's impossible to get out. The charges to retrieve your boxes or destroy them are absolutely insane. The terms of the contract basically allow them to charge whatever they want and they will keep invoicing you until their ransom is paid. I just paid almost $16,000 to close an account and am absolutely furious. I would never ever... Read more

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The boxes state that they can be dropped off at Staples or shipped. Not true! After destroying my shipping labels because I read that I could drop them off at Staples, the Staples decided to no longer accept the boxes. When I called Iron Mountain about getting a new shipping label for their boxes, they told me they couldn't help me because I did not have a business account with with them. I paid $75 for the boxes. This business will not... Read more

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Iron Mountain may be the leader in storage solutions - but don't be fooled - you are paying a hefty price for it. Does anyone realize the cost involved in permanently removing their boxes from an Iron Mountain facility? We have had hundreds of boxes stored at Iron Mountain for many years. Recently, we had the time to go thru 97 boxes. What we found was that many of those boxes could be shredded and there was no need to return them to... Read more

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This company is awful. I have been trying to get boxes that were stored with Iron Mountain back for over a month after they increased the monthly prices over $100 with no explanation. The Customer Service reps never help, and promise to get information and never do! Do not work with them. Awful! This company is awful. I have been trying to get boxes that were stored with Iron Mountain back for over a month after they increased the monthly prices... Read more

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I worked there for two years. Incompetent management, racism and prejudice against whites and older people, lazy workers, tension among workers, constant fighting, work ethic very low, and ripping off customers. Moonachie branch in particular. They have all their eggs in one basket, and give less major companies terrible support. Safety manager is a complete foll and lazy derelict. Packing of goods is substandard. When a worker does a top notch... Read more

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I have placed orders 3 times for delivery of boxes in the same month, Every time they give you an order number and it is not delivered . When you call the Customer service , they place another order and give you a different order number . Pathetic Customer service , Do not use them if you have a choice. What happened to previous order, nobody has a reply , they keep playing this music when you ask for a supervisor and you are kept on hold for so... Read more

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We scheduled a service for shredding about a month in advance. They were due to deliver bins on 12/22. I called to check the order status and they told me that while we were put on the delivery route, it never made the driver manifest and they would not be able to deliver that day. We rescheduled for 12/29 and asked for them to arrive at 10am. They made the appointment and stated that our customer account representative would be calling by the... Read more

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